Long haul Range

Scania trucks are renowned for their reliability, great fuel economy and exceptional uptime. There are no exceptions when it comes to our long haulage range of vehicles, designed for the most demanding conditions.

Whether you choose our legendary Scania V8 or our renowned inline 6 cylinder engines, you can always rely on great performance and reliability. Our extended range provides you with options from the lower 360Hp engine escalating up to 620Hp. All engines are standardised on Euro 3 emission level, however, Scania can provide engines meeting the Euro 5 standard when required.

Choosing the right cab

Scania designs cabs to offer every driver a more productive, stress free and safe working environment. Our range gives you the ability to choose the most suitable cab for your operation.

Our cabs consist of three different ranges, which are available in different heights and lengths:


Scania’s P-series cab is available in different heights and lengths:

  • The short and compact P-cab, CP14/CP16, allows full-length bodywork which maximises your loads. It is equipped with a fully adjustable air suspended driver’s seat, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • The P sleeper cab, CP19, has the same driver comfort as the short cab, but is equipped with a full sized bed behind the driver’s seat. This cab provides extra space for storage and rest between shifts.


The G-Series cab is also available in different heights and lengths, making an excellent combination with our more powerful engines.

  • The shorter, CG14/CG16, version is ideal for demanding construction assignments and is well insulated to minimize noise.
  • The longer cab, CG19, allows for a more spacious sleeper version and provides a generous amount of storage space, giving you the option to specify two bunks.


The high-end luxurious R-cab provides you with the space and comfort which is needed for long haul.

The cab has been designed to allow the ability to move freely between the driving and sleeping area whilst standing up-right.

The R-cabs come standard with an upper and lower bed and has the largest storage compartments without our range.

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